Material Matters

Material Matters is now touring to eight regional Queensland galleries thanks to Arts Queensland funding.

Material_Matters_catalogue_2016 is available for download.

Kay Lawrence Material Matters Education Kit is also available for download.

Lawrence 02

Installation view

engagement with_2Lawrence 05

Engagement with.. #2 2011-2014

Lawrence 06

L to R: Arboreal Discourse 2014, Bound 2012, Camouflage 2014, Separation Anxiety 2014, Brown One 2013

Lawrence 01

L to R: Hold me close, Hold me closer, Hold me again 2011 In front: Hold me close 2011 video loop

Lawrence 03  Lawrence 11

Liminal Being  2014

Lawrence 10

L to R: show reel videos, And Lionel, Lionel, Pandanus Princess, Princess, 2011

Lawrence 09

L to R: Re/cology #1 2012, (Wo)mangrove 2014

tree P1140814

Tree line #1 2012

Reviewed by Valerie Kirk from ANU in Textile Fibre Forum Issue 118, 2015

Interview with ABC radio